Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Little More on Assessments

Regarding the PARCC naterials, district and school leaders will find a wealth of information in the content frameworks documents (There is one for Math as well.). You may also wish to watch and listen to the recent archived webinar. On the PARCC site, under the Implementation heading, there is a Common Core Implementation Workbook that may be downloaded and used as a guide for ensuring that the district is on track for adopting the standards. It is based on the delivery philosophy and is designed to help you manage the transition to the new standards and assessments. In addition, there are older archived webinars there that may provide useful information for other members of the district and school communities.

Please continue to check our website as well. Note that while the MCAS blueprint will remain unchanged, starting with the 2012-2013 test cycle, all modes of writing will be included in the written portions of each test - specific modes to be tested will be announced at the start of the school year (Grade 10 writing will not change.). The best advice is to begin paying attention to the writing types and purposes of the new standards. The opinion (W.1) and explanation (W.2) standards are based upon writing in response to texts. These are critical practices associated with the new standards. Incorporating them into classroom practice will not only prepare students for future assessments and the future in general, but will more than adequately prepare them for this year's assessment as well.

To access the PARCC materials visit http://www.parcconline/parcc-content-frameworks . Find the latest information for Massachusetts at .