Friday, August 5, 2016

EdCamp and Continuous Professional Development

Monday I attended EdCamp Cape Cod IV at Mashpee High School. Kudos to the organizers for a  very interesting and well organized event.

In case you don't know, EdCamp invites interested parties to come for learning together in an atmosphere of relaxed, professional collaboration.  No sessions are planned ahead of time yet time is set aside for any number of sessions throughout the day. Check out the session board and the organization of the day here. The key is for at least one interested individual to volunteer to facilitate a topic - not an expert or a prepared presenter (though you may do that) - just someone to get and keep the conversation going for the allotted time.

One session I attended was an exploration of professional development structures and content. Consensus was that educators learn a lot from one another. Many districts and schools commented that they were exploring EdCamp as a structure for use in their own professional development plans. That is exactly why I was attending.

As someone charged with facilitating regional networks, I expect my attendees to come with a variety of expertise. I don't want to be in a position of wasting anyone's time. Although my work has become increasingly more interactive, I am interested in tapping the knowledge and skills of other educators. Whenever I have done this, the results have been productive and so very worthwhile for all.

If you have not participated in EdCamp, I recommend the experience. Visit the Cape Cod IV website (link above) where you will find that there are other EdCamps planned for various parts of the state in the months ahead. Try it out. You will definitely learn and have fun as you do.